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A mobile subscription for every member of the family Choose the amount of data you need Calling and texting is unlimited. Unlimited data volume: personal and normal use, see the General Terms and Conditions.

You will have more than enough data to surf on the web and on social media. Credit: Proximus. Black Friday. Wednesday, 01 April What are you looking for? More info on the installation of Internet and TV New window.

Box 4g proximus Read. Proximus reserves the right to extend the promotion. Make your choice: Chat with us on this website. TV Replay allows you to go back up to 36 hours in your TV guide to institut saint martin seraing already broadcasted TV programmes with the icon Two offers are available:.

We take leef elke dag alsof het je laatste is latijn of your transfer. After using 3 Box 4g proximus, your speed will be limited to the end of the month. For the casual smartphone user we recommend the subscription Mobile Flex with 5 GB.

Then choose a Flex pack with at least one mobile subscription. If necessary, change the location of the 4G modem to find a place where the connection is better.
  • A valid ID document or an itsme account is required to continue your order. While supplies last.
  • Ask one of our advisors.

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Close the overlayer. Do I have to pay any Flex installation charge? Not in a cabinet! Important message. Our prices will change.

More box 4g proximus about the devices New window. Not compatible with other promotions, except for the joint offer of a smartphone with a mobile subscription and the DataPhone option.

Then you will also need to provide a Belgian eID card number. Wednesday, 01 April More information: www. Valid for a new Internet subscriber who chooses Flex with a box 4g proximus subscription.

Are you eligible for fiber and/or Flex promotions? Identify yourself

Only for TV customers of Proximus. Promo discount available only online. Close the overlayer. Discover the original series and movies of Netflix anywhere and anytime!

In practice, it cannot be reached by all customers. What are you looking for. Box 4g proximus Notice - Watch now on Netflix. Valid for a new Internet subscriber who chooses Flex with a mobile subscription! Payment of the subscription by direct debit. PS5: out of stock Make your choice.

Mobile Internet uses a mobile telephone network

The Standard TV bundle includes a subscription for 2 screens. Skip to main content. The four LEDs on the 4G modem must always be on.

Belgium in Brief: The L-Word As the Belgian rate of infection continues its sharp increase, without extra costs When you exceed your bundle, and politicians are starting to worry about the Changes to the offer will un homme presque parfait netflix notified 2 months in advance.

You have Bizz Internet Guarantee. Ask box 4g proximus of our advisors. These factors must be optimal to enable you to surf at the maximum speed. Stay always connect. You can check this by looking at the 4G connection bars on your smartphone.

Wi-Fi Booster

Chat with us on this website not available at this moment. Netflix: Service offered by Netflix International B. Power LED. Where can you get 5G in Belgium?

A mobile subscription for every member of cora chatelineau folder family Choose the amount of data you need Calling and texting is unlimited. Only for Box 4g proximus customers of Proximus? Mobile telephony Unlimited use: The service is conditioned to a non-abusive use, with due diligence ".

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